Ladies and Gentlemen


It is with great pleasure that for the third time, the Polish community in Melbourne hosts Pol-Art festival, the 13th Festival of Polish Visual and Performing Arts.


On behalf of the Polish Community Council of Australia, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our visitors from overseas, interstate and from beautiful Victoria, who have come together to participate and enjoy the colorful event that Pol-Art is!


The exhibitions, theatres, music and folkloric concerts will be showcased in the Melbourne City locality, in many of Melbourne’s iconic venues such as Federation Square, Art centre, Museums, art galleries and various theatres.


Located in the heart of Melbourne’s art and cultural scene, the Pol-Art Festival 2015 helps to reaffirm the ties of Polish Australians with their native homeland, while presenting the continuing strength, creativity and vitality of the Polish Community to present day Australia.


Much of the contribution to make this event possible came from the dedicated Pol-Art 2015 Organising Committee, Polish community in Melbourne and Victoria, and almost overwhelming amount of support from the wider Australian community.


Special thank you goes to the polish community of New Zealand who is represented at the Festival by three dance ensembles from Christchurch and Wellington.


Sincere thanks to the hundreds of participants involved in visual and performing arts, whose contribution is in the very heart and soul of this festival. Group leaders, organising committees, parents and friends also deserve a special thank you, for supporting their youth and believing in the positive impact that Pol-Art will have on their future lives.


Finally, I extend a deepest thank you to the Pol-Art 2015 Organizing Committee, for your time, effort, enthusiasm and energy. Without you, the Festival could not have succeeded in bringing this wonderful event to Melbourne and the rest of Australia.


I would like to acknowledge Polish Women in Australia and New Zealand who 40 years ago in Sydney 1975, took a massive task of organizing the first festival of Polish culture, originally called Art-Pol.  Over 200 young performers participated than in the gala Concert at the Sydney Opera House.


Future of PolArt festivals and a future of folkloric dance in Australasia are in the hands of folkloric groups. Newly establish folkloric organization, which includes members from Australian and New Zealand’s polish communities, will safe guard achievements of the past 40 years.


I wish everyone a very wonderful and memorable time during your stay in the charming city of Melbourne and all the best for your artistic future!