The PCCA Perpetual Fund includes:

  • the original General Kleeberg Polish Community Fund in Australia, which was established in 1964,
  • monies donated by two major benefactors: Mr. Janusz Franckiewicz and Ms. Natalia Kulakowska, and
  • the Ewa Malewicz Fund.

The Polish Community Council of Australia Perpetual Fund supports members of the Polish Community Council of Australia through annual grants which focus on the preservation of Polish culture, education and heritage in Australia.

Donations will be awarded only to member organizations of the Polish Community Council of Australia and will be available for the following purposes and activities:

  • promoting and encouraging the learning of the Polish language in Australia;
  • assistance in organizing developmental and educational activities for Polish youth in Australia;
  • supporting activities of Polish scouts in Australia;
  • raising awareness of the Polish national identity, Polish culture, its history and current position in Australian society by promoting Polish literature, music and all other Polish art forms and traditions;
  • supporting activities promoting Polish achievements and heritage through scientific, educational, publishing, exhibition and cultural projects:
  • raising awareness of the contribution of Polish migrants to the development of Australia and the development of Polish cultural / historical heritage in Australia;
  • supporting documentation of Polish community heritage and achievements in Australia.

Donations may not be used for political activity, profit-making ventures, or to pay off debts, loans, acquire land, build and renovate or subsidize other foundations.

The Perpetual Fund of the Polish Community Council of Australia is managed by Equity Trustees. Distribution of investment income is handled by the Fund's Advisory Committee, which includes representatives from all Australian states.

PCCA Perpetual Fund Advisory Committee

  • Zosia Cyganiuk (NSW) - Chair
  • Helena Andrusiewicz (QLD)
  • Ted Dudziński (SA)
  • Aleksander Gancarz (ACT)
  • Adam Grabek (TAS)
  • Bożena Iwanowska (VIC)
  • Małgorzata Wray (WA)

The funds available for distribution are limited. Equity Trustees and the Advisory Committee reserve the right not to accept a funding application or only partially fund the summitted proposals.

Please refer to instructions in the Guidelines of the PCCA Perpetual Fund, link the-polish-community-council-of-australia-perpetual-fund--guidelines-2024.pdf (

Funding applications must be completed online on the foundation's website, link

The direct link to apply is: PCCA Perpetual Fund 2024 - Equity Trustees (

Additional information can be obtained from:

  • Equity Trustees, tel. (03) 8623 5325 (free call), email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • PCCA secretariat: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.